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DAVINCI school of art, founded in 1974, is located in the Eixample in Barcelona.The school is dedicated
to artistic formation and production, and all of the specialities in the field of fine arts are available. Because
of the school’s reputation and location, there are students of all nationalities.

Davinci school of art has a national and international cultural projection in the city of Barcelona, where many
emerging artists have found a home.

The goal of the center is to encourage personal growth in the fine arts, train students in the academic as well
as creative fields, interdisciplinary work in all of the workshops, and foster relationships between professionals
and students. Additionally, the center strives to encourage group work, exhibitions, performances, conferences
and other events in the city.

The team of instructors is made up of professional artists from different fields of the arts.

Tracking of students’ progress is individualized, according to the level of each student and the philosophy of the
school, which opts for continuous training that is not measured as much by experience as by specialty.

The workshops at Davinci school of art are fully equipped to carry out each activity. The center also offers access
to the library and an exhibition hall with monthly events, which provides a space to show the work of emerging

Davinci art school is open all year long.

So, what are you waiting for?... we are your art school in the center of Barcelona!

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